Time to Shed Light on a New Phase

By Sr. Carmen Solé, Spain

A General Chapter is a time to shed light on a new phase of life.

Some sisters will experience the Chapter in person, while the majority will be waiting for the fruit of their reflection and decisions, in search of one sole purpose: that each and every one of the members may grow in their life of holiness, pulsing through community and missionary engagement.

The General Chapter is the event to experience that something new is emerging; the old is gone, new life comes forth, and reaches everyone. The birth of something new is always accompanied by pain and joy, aspects that may seem contradictory, but that both together, are a source of a new renewed life that pushes-through changes which should lead us to reread everything under the sign of the new; to recognize our own apathy and reluctance, but also our constant attempt at fidelity and our commitment for the good of all.

We will leave the Chapter committed to a new life which will be real, tangible and a source of grace with a new General Government renewed in their obedience. Those who have been directly involved in the choices in elections and the others of us, who have experienced it in a different way, wish above all, that they help us to live our vocation to holiness, to be fair, intrepid and firm as it was with Marie Poussepin, who made the heart beat with the desire to fully live all what it means to be the humble workers of Providence.

May this new period of our Congregation lead us to situate ourselves in a brandnew frame of mind, rising anew today and every day, leaving behind what was already lived, valid and good as it was, but now increasingly innovative.

May this experience of the Chapter be a time for innovation, change and renewal in order to run toward the risk ahead to seize the moment, a time to shed new light on this phase of our Congregation’s life." 

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