La Turena, Bucaramanga (Colombia), 08/07/2019, Sr. Gertrudis Viñas de la Hoz.- If we reflect for a moment on the event of this General Chapter, we think of all those who, behind the scenes, helped in the daily functioning of the sessions of the Assemblies through reflections, sharing, activities and serving in our daily events…

The time dedicated to prayer and the Eucharist,

• Bishop Ismael Rueda Sierra, Archbishop of Bucaramanga, who honored us one day with his presence and with the Apostolic Blessing of the Marian Year being celebrated in the Archdiocese.
• The Chaplains of La Turena, the priests of the Order of Carmelites: Fray Elibert Salcedo D’Andrey and Fray Harold Alberto Cuervo Rodríguez.
• Dominican friars: Fray Oscar Eduardo Guayán Perdomo OP, Prior of the Convent Cristo Rey Bucaramanga, Fray Mauricio Galeano Rojas OP and Fray Jhon Alexander Sánchez Barreto.
• Father Elmer Mauricio Jaimes Pedraza, Parish Priest of San Juan Nepomuceno in Floridablanca, Santander.

The warm greetings of the Sisters of the Province of Bucaramanga through their many details of joy and kindness for us, especially the Sisters who generously welcomed us in La Turena, and who shared their life and space with us during this time of the General Chapter,

• Sr. Waldina Benavides Cruz, Provincial Superior and her Council : Sr. Gloria Smith Amaya Guarín, Sr. Sonia Stella Muñoz Ulloa, Sr. Yamile Martínez Orozco, Sr. Luz Karime Macipe Laguado.
• Sr. Marta Estrada Vega, Provincial Treasurer, present on all fronts, attentive and caring to not only give us joy through many thoughtful details, but also provided for all that was necessary...

• The communities of La Turena,
Sr. Rosa Aminta Ortega Gaitan and Santa Ana community.
Sr. Cleotilde Gil Llano and Sainville Community.
Sr. María Eugenia Ordoñez Maldonado and Formation Community.
Sr. Clara de San José and Marie Poussepin Community in La Turena. The exquisite decorations of the house, expressed the artistic creativity of Sister Clara de San José.

• Sr. María Trinidad Díaz Rueda and her work and maintenance team, and with them, Sr. Leonor Rubiano Afanador and the laundry team.
• Sr. Luz María Gutiérrez Rozo, responsible for the Farm at La Turena, surprising us with special celebrations and an abundance of tropical fruits.
• Sr. Edith Edilia Lara Barrera, in the Sacristy, organizing everything to help us pray better.

The people who so professionally collaborated with us on the logistic level,

• Mr. Horacio Garrido Olave, computer technician at La Turena.
• Mrs. Edelmira Parra and her culinary crew ... the menu with its great variety, was healthy, nutritious and balanced...
• The technicians responsible for the English Link Simultaneous Translation Equipment in the Chapter Room, managed by José Elkin Rodríguez.

And of course the team of Sisters who help us in the translation and in the secretariat,

• Sr. Reetha Mechery, Sr. Nirmala Mathew Kochuveetil, Sr. Amanda Mancipe Salcedo, Sr. Claudia Ruvalcaba Cano, Sr. Doris Rojas Rojas, who performed the noble exercise of Translation, facilitating our understanding of texts and situations.
• Sr. Teresa Rueda Pimiento, Sr. Gertrudis Viñas de la Hoz and Sr. Marta Diazgranados Santos, attentive to everything related to the secretariat.

All these persons, diverse but united in the joy of service, have made the Capitular environment a pleasant and unique space, enabling our praise to the Lord and responding to the many tangible needs and expectations of the Congregation for the success of this General Chapter. THANK YOU!


Agradecimientos Capítulo


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