Means of Communication

At the Service of Evangelization

“Go therefore and make dis ciples of all nations...” Mt 28:19

“When we opened the webpage of the Congregation, we had hoped that we would be open to the Means of Communication, not only for a an internal communication service which will enable reports from the different structures to flow smoothly but also to have a new way to enter into conversation with the world.” (Sr. Monique Colrat, Project of Communication in the Congregation, Page. 7)

The new technologies not only change the way we communicate, but it evolves communication itself, the way we relate, how we think, and it affect strongly our decisions, especially if they have to do with the social, economic and professional arenas; it transforms our lifestyle. The need for communication is inherent in the development of a human being. To be human is born from and in communication and communication is the way to communion. We become persons to the extent with which we communicate: "Communication is an essential point for our homes to be transformed into communities and not mere aggregates of men and women of good will" (Relaciones humanas en comunidad. Instrumentos de ayuda de Luis López Yarto, pág. 14).

As Dominican Sisters of the Presentation our Charism is to proclaim Jesus Christ. As expressed by Marie Poussepin, our Foundress: "to bring the knowledge of Jesus Christ and His Mysteries where ever the sisters might be called.” We are affiliated to the Dominican Order whose founder St. Dominic de Guzman lived and founded his order for Preaching. Therefore, we are called to preach today using the Means of the present day: The New Technologies.

To bring the knowledge of Jesus Christ and His Mysteries where ever the sisters might be called

Our present society is referred to as an Information Society, of knowledge and communication, of shared insights (classification it received at the World Summit on the Information Society (CMSI) held in 2003 in Geneva). Information and communication, from new technologies, contribute significantly to the expansion of human consciousness, the development of new and more complex forms of intellectual and spiritual awareness; expand our field of vision far beyond the space we occupy and the time in which we exist. We have been exposed to a vast universe and relate with the values of people from diverse cultures. So, the Congregation has adopted the slogan of Dominic de Guzman "To speak to God and of God" and has used all conventional means to reach out to others with the Gospel message, with the help of the Holy Spirit, the communicator par excellence, using Social Means of Communication as tools for evangelization and encounter.

Text: Sr. Gloria Eugenia Piedrahita T.

√ The commission for the Means of Social Communication prepared two booklets for the General Chapter of 2014, one theoretical and another practical - to use Media and Communication for Evangelization:

Notebook Media 1 Download
Notebook Media 2 Download