04 Jun, 2023

Bogotá (Colombia), 06/04/2023, Nubia Yaneth Chávez Corredor.- One of the most significant activities in the context of the celebration of 150 years of the arrival of the Dominican Sisters of the Presentation in Colombia, is the virtual meeting between the communities of the two provinces of Santafé and Bogotá every 21st of the month, who guided by the reflection proposed by the interprovincial novitiate in Santa Clara – Manizales, give spaces in community life for reflection and attitudes of gratitude for the seed scattered by the Congregation; On May 21, these meetings of preparation finished. As a conclusion, we will share some parts of the reflection made by Sister carmenza Avellaneda Navas, about what restoration means, taking as a frame of reference, the restoration of the chapel of La Presentation, in Colombia:

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02 Jun, 2023

Dighton (United States), 06/02/2023, Sr. Karen Champagne.- With great joy, hope and expectation on May 8th, the sisters of the Vice Provincial Community as well as the Community of Dourdan welcomed Sr. Maria Escayola Coris, Superior General and General Councilors, Sr. Mariamma Paul Ollukaran, Sr. Diana Gisela Dolorita and Sr. Martha Mendieta to Dighton for the canonical visit to our Vice Province. The following day May 9th the visit officially began and on May 10th, Sr. Maria and Councilors started their visit to the Communities both near and far. The Sisters were eager and enthusiastic to have the opportunity to speak  with Sr. Maria and the Councilors in order to share and express their concerns, fears, and the reality of their life and mission in the Vice Province. 

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25 May, 2023

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Bogotá (Colombie), Sr. Ana Francisca Vergara, May 28, 2023.- Created by the breath of Jesus.

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