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A Mission Inspired by Charity

Charity and mission in Marie Poussepin are inseparable! Her charity passionate and diligent, in resemblance of Jesus Christ was a true compass for the path in the mission. Marie Poussepin, Founder of the Sisters of Charity Dominicans of the Presentation, serving Jesus Christ in the poor, the sick and the needy, discovers the grace of giving her live to the announcement of the Gospel. Attentively listening to the signs of times , read and interpreted under the guidance of a life of prayer and with the Word of God, prepare her for a service of charity within her family, in Dourdan, her city of birth and then in Sainville, where her mission begins.

In her home accompanying and responding to the necessities of her family and at the same time, she opens herself to the needs of others who suffer. Later as a businesswoman in Dourdan, she promotes the dignity of the workers, the just recognition of their rights and duties, develops the culture of work and helps the integral promotion of the person and the family. We can ask, How can a woman of the 17th century can become a business woman, promoter of the social change, fight for the dignity of the human being up to the point of leaving behind her comfort and the prosperous city of Dourdan where she lived, to go to Sainville, a city devastated by war, famine, misery, where poor, sick, and orphaned children were in dire need?

The testimony of charity mainly of her mother, the service to the sick, the aid to the poor and the service in the Parish, from her youth, made her sensible towards charity and mercy. Thus she understood that the Gospel of charity, can only be lived doing charity. The Holy Spirit breathes where he wills and her disposition and openness to the grace, inflamed in her a fine social perception, a profound ecclesial sense and allowed her to discover Christ in the person who suffers. Later she recommends: “to serve Christ in the sick” and the education of youth as Works of Mercy.

This deep desire to find and serve Christ in the suffering person, took her out of her world, her family, her comfort and well-being and led her into the world of others, "set her on the road, set her on mission. Mission that articulates: prayer, study, contemplation, experience, fragility, humanity, fraternity, because all life according to Marie Poussepin should be proclamation and preaching. The testimony of so many Sisters of yesterday and today and so many Laity that have and continue giving their lives in the announcement of the Gospel, according to the charisma of Marie Poussepin, they maintain in History this service of charity, that is predication and proclamation of God´s love in four Continents: Europe, America, Asia and Africa. 
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This is the favorable time! The time of hope to broaden horizons and give new motivations to work in the Church, with the laity and other communities, who have a heart and mind open to the needs and demands of our people. Dreamers who struggle with faith and hope so that each person will be recognized for his dignity and freedom as a child of God, in recognition of his rights and respect for his history and culture as "brothers in Christ" (Col 1,2 ). Pluralism and interculturality, Holiness of life, prophetic witness and pastoral creativity, are the driving forces and vitality of the mission.

Source: General Government - 2017

Open to the world: Mission questions us

As Dominican Sisters of Charity of the Presentation, we are called to “announce Jesus Christ” (C. 82). This proclamation gives meaning to our mission: “to preach”, that is to talk to the world about the God that we carry within, who fulfils us, fills us with joy and leads us to the service of Charity. It is urgent to go to the places that have the greatest need for the proclamation of the Word of God. “Each one is called to discover the Face of the Lord Jesus in the face of those whom she meets.” (The Report on the Life of the Congregation 2014, p. 26) “All of us are called to take part in this new missionary “going forth”. Each Christian and every community must discern the path that the Lord points out, but all of us are asked to obey his call to go forth from our own comfort zone in order to reach all the “peripheries” in need of the light of the Gospel.” (Evangelii Gaudium #20)

Source: 54th General Chapter - 2014

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