Sr. María Leonor Charria: "Seeing reality with Dominican eyes, listening and accompanying"

on 14 Sep, 2021

Colombia, 09/14/2021, Sr. María Leonor Charria Angulo.- In preparation for this Dominican jubilee of the Dies Natalis of St. Dominic, the Master of the Order exhorted us to ask ourselves: What does it mean for us to "be at table with St. Dominic" here and now?

A Dominican Ecclesial Reading of Marginality in Colombia

In Colombia, in the midst of complex and deteriorating humanitarian and social situations, the members of the Dominican Family wanted to "sit down" at the table of St. Dominic, so that together, as brothers and sisters in proximity to the excluded and marginalized, we can listen to the voice of God, who always takes the side of the suffering people.

This course, which will take place in the second half of 2021, it is intended as an opportunity to reflect together and to discover ways of responding as preachers of the Good News.

On September 2, Sr. María Leonor Charria guided the first session of this course with the theme: “Seeing reality with Dominican eyes, listening and accompanying.”

Although the starting point, very briefly, was an approach to the Colombian and Latin American reality, the emphasis of the reflection was put on an approach, a new look at reality, in different contexts, countries and continents, in order to "see" it with Dominican eyes, which can only be the eyes of Jesus, which, in turn, was the way Dominic de Guzman saw it.

To begin with, certain attitudes were necessary to allow this approach: Dominican evangelical compassion, discernment of the signs of the times, a deep hope and mercy as a way of life.

Jesús Espeja, OP: "There is no future if the voice of the excluded is not heard"; in the same vein, the words of Pope Francis were recalled: "Today we must listen to God, to the point of hearing with Him the cry of the people; to listen to the people, to the point of breathing in them the will to which God calls us".

To conclude the reflection, emphasis was placed on the urgency of accompanying the excluded to enable them to read the moment they are living; it is a question of learning to walk at their speed, to "put on their sandals", to support them to maintain hope in the midst of the uncertainties and ambiguities of the moment.

If you wish to watch the presentation or read the full text, please find attached the YouTube link and the text in Spanish version.

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