Catholic University of Manizales, the only university of the Congregation

on 09 Nov, 2016
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Manizales (Colombia), September, 2016, Catholic University of Manizales.- The Congregation reaffirms the importance of its presence in the logo of the Catholic University of Manizales (UCM), its only university in the world. Sr. Maria Escayola Coris, Superior General and the General Councilors accompanied by Sr. Herminia Rincón Marín, Provincial Superior and some Sisters had a meeting with the UCM community in September during their canonical visit in the Province.

UCM, a mission of the Congregation
In addition to a conversation on different topics related to the University, the General Government was presented the new publicity Campaign for the UCM, which will make it closely connected to the Congregation. Sr. Maria Escayola Coris, Superior General mentioned, “We wish to make it clear that UCM belongs to the Congregation. We encourage students from the different Schools of the Presentation to identify and feel connected to it since we are one and the same family.” She also added that with this new image “the students of UCM should also feel more connected to the other areas of the Congregation and grow in a greater sense of universality. Hopefully this will not remain as mere rhetoric or limited to only some places, but that it will grow with the support of the whole Congregation.”

Opportunities on the international level
Sr. Elizabeth Caicedo Caicedo, the dean of the UCM further explained: “As the only university that belongs to the Congregation in the whole world, we hope that through its international presence, it will become a platform for us to reinforce our future plans to nurture this Congregational identity in our students and collaborators.” César Castiblanco Laurada, the co-ordinator of the new design for UCM expressed: “This support implies that we will be integrated as a university community in the mission of the Congregation to enhance the processes of internationality, social projection and national and international visibility in light of the high quality of our institutional accreditation.”

The new logo
The redesign of the logo of the Catholic University of Manizales is the outcome of a process of adaptation and research over the years to establish the recognition of the Institution. This logo is the sum total of its signs of identity, which forms a stable and harmonious “whole”. The institutional logo is the “formal signature” of the Institution which represents its values, principles and personality. It facilitates recognition and has an impact on its history. It is the principal means by which the institution is made known in society, and it is also the means to establish any type of academic communication with the outside world. In the following Video and PDF we present to you the renewal taken place through the redesign of our logo.


Explanatory PDF

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