Africa : Closure of the year 2016-17

on 11 Jul, 2017
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Ouagadougou - Dassasgho (Burkina Faso), 06/20/2017, Sr. Béatrice Kantoro.- End of Year of the Children of the Center of Pre-school Education Marie Poussepin: Since Friday evening, the day before the end of the year, employees and APE members were responsible for cleaning, decorating and chairs. On June 17th at dawn, the Lord sent us heavy rains. Cooler and happy, we were ready to face a long journey.
After the Morning Prayer, we had to clean for a while. Families arrived very early because their children were eager to start the celebration. The Mass was due to start at 8:30 a.m. and began at 8:45osure of the a.m. It was celebrated by a redemptorist priest, Sosthène Bambara, and a lot of parents and a few sisters participated massively in the beautiful celebration. After the Mass, we had something to drink and we were absolutely thrilled with the childrens performances since they read poems, sang and danced for us. The audience welcome Sr. Nicole, op, joyously when she sang for a while. The lunch was at 12 p.m. after gifts and notebooks giving. The party finished at 2 p.m. May God bless our holidays! 
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A Traditional Day 

At last, a long awaited day arrived. It was beginning the so called Traditional Day. Children, teachers and parents started the journey at 8 p.m. Everybody dressed in traditional clothes. After devoting the journey to the Lord, all sections (small, medium and old) marched in the parade. The parade used to be held around the CEEPP buildings (Private Preescolar Educational Centre) but, this year, the parade took place inside the Dassagho Sister’s yard.
We had a nice surprise! The Vice- provincial from Africa, Sr. Henriette Soutonnoma Kaboré and a few sisters greeted the children. It was a wonderful day filled with joy, music and dancing. There was a lot of photos taken by some guests photographers. It was a pleasure to enjoy such nice atmosphere among the APE people.
At noon, we had a delicious lunch, as it was a traditional African meal. After that, parents and children returned home happily. Long live to African traditions!