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on 03 Feb, 2020
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Roma (Italy), 01/30/2020, Coordination Team of Year of Grace.- A logo is a graphical design that identifies a Company, Firm, Project etc. In our case, it is not a matter of illustrating an institution but an event with a concrete duration. This logo will accompany us during this Year of Grace, inaugurated as a time of thanksgiving to the Lord for the Beatification of Marie Poussepin. This will enable us to commemorate the ecclesial event which had filled us with joy and motivated the life and mission of the Congregation 25 years back.


To live an experience of thanksgiving will lead us to love, know and value more our own Charism, which is indispensable to re-signify our life and mission as well as to engage in its reorganization and restructuring” (Circular of Sr. María Escayola Coris on 11/18/2019)

1.- The picture that is used in the logo, is from the tapestry made by Sr. Ana Julia Parra París and which was hung inside St. Peter’s basilica, on the occasion of the ceremony of the Beatification. The painting gives the idea of the glorification of Marie Poussepin, because of her pale and luminous face. The white halo that goes around her head shows the growth in the fame of her holiness, as we study her life. Her eyes do not look at the sky, they are fixed in the reality of the world and the environment in which she had lived.

Through the lines that are placed on the original tapestry, we focus our eyes after 25 years of history, on the person of Blessed Marie Poussepin from our own contemporary reality, with the desire to continue to actualize the Charism that we received.

2.- On the bottom part of the tapestry is seen the shape of the dome of St. Peter’s Basilica, intending to make an allusion to the formula of Profession of the sisters “to live and die in the service of the Church in the exercise of Charity.”

3.- On the logo, the dates of the beginning and end of the Year of Grace are shown.

4.- The arrow that illustrates the 25 years, begins from the circle of the history that is already lived and impels us to new horizons.

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