From Rome, Song to Marie Poussepin

on 20 Oct, 2020
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Rome (Italy), 10/20/2020, Sr. Luz Marina Angarita Contreras.- This year of grace offered us an opportunity to praise and bless the Lord for the life and Charism of Marie Poussepin. In this context this song is created, to encourage our own vocation and our response to the Lord, in an international community (Rome), where we are all foreigners in a land where the Charism had flourished and today it is our challenge to revive it.

The song is a prayerful expression, a kind of ejaculatory Prayer, which wish to remember and record in the heart what is essential and like Marie Poussepin let the Spirit compel us to live charity creatively. It is also an invitation for each one, to make an exercise or a reflection “what trait or traits of Marie Poussepin I wish to give life and make it more evident?”. And so with everyone giving life, the Charism is renewed in the Congregation.

  • Lyrics of the song is written by Sr. Luz Marina Angarita Contreras, who is part of the permanent community of Valdieri - Rome.
  • Music and interpretation are by Sr. Eleein Paola Navarro González (although she does not know the Italian language, she made her gifts available with generosity).


Marie Poussepin

Praise to the Father, praise to the Son
and to the Divine Spirit
Who has done wonders
In your servant Marie

Animated by the Spirit, she lived in faith.
Humble prudent woman,
in the Beauce, the grain was sowed.

A contemplative gaze marked her life
Trusted in Providence, her work began

Mercy, charity, patience, are the traces,
her knowledge of a path, a Charism,
which she offered to the Church.

Marie Poussepin (Originale Italiano)

Lode al Padre, lode al Figlio
E allo Spirito Divino
Che hanno fatto meraviglie
Nella sua serva Marie Poussepin.

Animata dallo Spirito, ha vissuto nella fede
Donna umile prudente, nella Beauce il grano seminò.

Il suo sguardo contemplativo, ha segnato la sua vita
Affidata nella Providenza, la sua opera iniziò.

Misericordia, carità pazienza, sono le tracce, la sua scienza
D’un camminò, d’un carisma, che alla chiesa ella donò.