Poems by the students of the Lycée Marie Poussepin in Dassasgho

on 17 Nov, 2020
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Ouagadougou (Burkina Faso), 11/17/2020, students of the Lycée Marie Poussepin in Dassasgho.-  

1. Daughter of Charity

A daughter of Providence was born in Dourdan on October 14, 1653.
She practiced kindness, heart full of hospitality.
Filled with a longing for her brothers and sisters
She left Dourdan for Sainville, encouraged by charity.

Born into wealth, but touched by misery.
To ignorant girls she became a mother
Changing the way they do things
And that's where our Dominican sisters came from.

2. Honor to our Foundress

Honor this woman whose heart was full of tireless charity.
Forgetting herself, she cared for her flock.

Honor our beloved Foundress!
Honor this rose with a sweet scent whose spiritual phrases sprang from her feather and let us see a saint.

Honor to the Apostle of Charity!
Honor that radiant light which, through service to the sick, parish service, and the education of young women, gave new life to this country which had sunk to despair.

Honor to the Worker of Providence!

3. Marie Poussepin: Social Apostle of Charity

Have you heard of that Lady who existed centuries ago?
Have you heard of that good lady who, since she was very young, had such great virtues?
Have you heard of that wonderful lady who had such great faith since childhood?
That beautiful woman who, throughout her life, burned with an unbreakable love for the poorest.
That woman who always left traces of sanctity behind her.
This wonderful woman who was a beacon of hope for the poor.
This woman who spread joy around her.
This woman who led a life of absolute charity without distinction.
You have certainly heard of her.
This magnificent woman is the Social Apostle of Charity, she is our Foundress, our mother: Marie Poussepin!