11 Oct, 2020
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Envigado, Antioquia (Colombia), 10/11/2020, Sr. Ana Luz Henao Ospina.- From the Institucion Educativa Marie Poussepin in the municipality of Envigado, Antioquia, Colombia, we want to present this video which is a work made by students of the last grade of high school.

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10 Oct, 2020
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Pitalito, Huila (Colombia), 10/10/20202, Sr. María de Jesús Gil Gallego.- The community of Pitalito in El Huila, Manizales Province, has made this poetry to Marie Poussepin and then presented it in this beautiful video.

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08 Oct, 2020
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Barcelona (Spain), 10/08/2020, Sr. Gemma Morató i Sendra and Sr. Conchi García Fernández.- Just before October 14th, the feast of our mother foundress, Marie Poussepin, and in the context of the Year of Grace, the province of Spain wants to recover the original score and recording of the Prayer evoking Marie Poussepin composed by Father Domènec Cols i Puig, canon of the cathedral of Barcelona.

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