24 Oct, 2020
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Concón, (Chile), 10/24/2020, Concon Lay group.- Very soon, will be over the YEAR OF GRACE for the 25 years of the Beatification of our Mother Foundress. The Vice-Province of Aconcagua: Argentina-Chile makes its own the poem-prayer composed by our dear Sister Betsabé Guevara Sandoval: "Marie Poussepin returns" (Vuelve Marie Poussepin) to ask her to come and visit us, may she enter into each of our communities, into each of our missionary spaces...

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20 Oct, 2020
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Rome (Italy), 10/20/2020, Sr. Luz Marina Angarita Contreras.- This year of grace offered us an opportunity to praise and bless the Lord for the life and Charism of Marie Poussepin. In this context this song is created, to encourage our own vocation and our response to the Lord, in an international community (Rome), where we are all foreigners in a land where the Charism had flourished and today it is our challenge to revive it.

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17 Oct, 2020
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Concón (Chile), 10/17/2020, Luis Fuentes, Missionary Presentation.- In short, a few years ago, when I was part of a Dominican community in the house of the Missionaries of Saint Dominic, I began to feel a certain restlessness in the mission, even though it is true that there was a territorial mission both with the sisters and in the Vincentian community where I do my pastoral work (with my Dominican spirituality), I was not satisfied, something was missing, and while I was giving guitar lessons to some missionaries from the Santo Domingo de Guzmán School, a school of which I am a former student, I received an invitation from Gonzalo Bustos and his wife Heidy Morel, to join the school's missionary group, at that time the leader of this group was Sister Bernardita Casanova, a sister who already knew me.

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