17 Nov, 2020
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Ouagadougou (Burkina Faso), 11/17/2020, students of the Lycée Marie Poussepin in Dassasgho.-  

1. Daughter of Charity

A daughter of Providence was born in Dourdan on October 14, 1653.
She practiced kindness, heart full of hospitality.
Filled with a longing for her brothers and sisters
She left Dourdan for Sainville, encouraged by charity.

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16 Nov, 2020
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Envigado, Antioquia (Colombia), 11/16/2020, Sr. Ana Luz Henao Ospina.- With joy we present you this video in which you will discover the exhibition of the activities elaborated by the students of the Educational Institution Marie Poussepin during the Celebration of the Week Marie Poussepin, in this Year of Grace for her 25 years of Beatification.

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16 Nov, 2020
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Paris (France), 16/11/2020, Sr. María Fabiola Velásquez Maya.- PERSONAL EXPERIENCE OF THE CELEBRATION OF THE BEATIFICATION OF MARY POUSSEPIN ON NOVEMBER 20, 1994 IN ROME. Let me first of all point out that, having attended since childhood in my great educational establishment located near my family's home, run by the Dominican Sisters of the Presentation, I heard the sisters speak of Marie Poussepin and, like so many other students, I deeply admired this extraordinary woman whom the sisters regularly presented to us with simplicity and gratitude. So, as students in the sisters' house, we were often invited, even at that time, to pray for the canonization of Marie Poussepin.

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